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To acquire, establish and maintain one or more hospitals for the treatment of persons suffering from illness or mental defect or for treatment of persons during convalescence or of persons requiring medicinal attention or rehabilitation and to provide medical relief to the public in all branches of medical sciences by all available means and to carry on the business of all kinds of hospital, dispensaries, clinics, laboratories and health clubs and permissible services center within hospital by the company and to undertake, promote, assist or engage in all kinds of research and development work required to promote, assist in or engage in the establishment of hospital and setting up of manufacturing facilities and servicing facilities for medical equipment, medicines, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, artificial human body parts and other applied goods and articles and to provide fully equipped Intensive-Care Units reinforcement in medical emergency, doctor on call, to provide nurses on hourly basis, round the clock, to rent medical equipment machineries, to provide online and offline, all types of medicines and deliveries at door step, basic and advanced life support, bed to bed services, fully equipped intensive-care units backup stick, restorative help, and rescue vehicle that suit the necessities of individuals and associate for all.